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Stockholm Pride 2014


    Stockholm Pride 2014

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Ah yes, the flute



    Ah yes, the flute


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Thankyou to lillalexandras
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  9. In order to protect myself,
    I reconstructed my world.
    I painted my life in hues of
    metaphors and similes.
    That way, nothing would
    be real anymore.

    Now, I bleed in ink,
    my knees buckle under
    the weight of similes,
    I choke on subtext,
    and my native tongue
    is metaphors.

    You see,
    his eyes were no longer blue,
    but rather the icy water that I drowned in.
    his embrace was no longer comforting,
    but rather a blanket that I encased myself in,
    blocking out the rest of the world.

    He was no longer a person,
    but rather an idealization,
    stitched together with
    metaphors and similes.

    Just like the rest of my world,
    he was no longer real.

    I hoped that, in turn,
    the pain he caused would
    no longer be real, too.

    I was wrong.

    "The Sadness of a Writer" (201/365) by (DS)
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A Couple with their Heads Full of Clouds (1936) Painting by Salvador Dali
    A Couple with their Heads Full of Clouds (1936) Painting by Salvador Dali
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    how many chainz could 2 chainz chain if 2 chainz could chain chainz

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    Chris Pratt is literally a huge dorkball that just so happened to get paid to get fit and I literally would adore him in any shape he takes.

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